Westlake, remarkable performance driven by quality and innovation!


Within all Westlake companies a highly sophisticated quality management system is utilized, to ensure we only deliver quality products. Before our products leave the factory, multiple performance tests are done which include fitment, operational capability and wear simulation.

Our quality standards are represented by certificate TS 16949 and for all our products, we offer a warranty of 2 years or the equivalent of 30.000 km. Westlake quality is on the same level as the “OE” suppliers.

We are an original equipment supplier for multiple brands and also have a strong focus on the aftermarket. Multiple distributors throughout whole Europe serve as quality references for Westlake products.


Westlake offers an extensive range of vehicle applications for the whole European market. Our products include 3in1 kits, 4in1 conversion kits and hydraulic bearings.

The Westlake 4in1 conversion kit offers the possibility to fully replace a failed Dual Mass Flywheel system. This leads to large cost savings, high rate of customer satisfaction, better durability and equal performance as OE.

Currently Westlake can offer a range of nearly 600 clutch kits for both passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. Westlake R&D also has a strong focus on keeping our range up to date by developing around 100 new kits per year.

We aim to be amongst the first players in the market for new vehicle applications and by investing a lot in R&D; we have the ability to produce new technologies. We also offer new product development according to the demands of our customers.


Westlake prices are based on the current market situation and the production cost. We always aim to enforce a top Quality/Price ratio for our customers by offering quality products at a competitive price.

Westlake aims to have a pricing level which is around 60% compared to the “OE brands”.

Our pricing level is significantly lower compared to our competitors, which translates into a competitive advantage for our customers.


Westlake has over 30 years of expertise and knowledge within the spare parts industry. Advanced testing facilities are used to guarantee good quality. Furthermore we offer technical information and support to our customers by being an official data supplier to the industry's largest catalogue, TecDoc.

Our trained engineers and multilingual staff aim to always offer a fast communication and ensure that our customers get the best service possible.


Westlake has a European office and a warehouse in Belgium to guarantee a good service for the European market. We offer an extensive range with a good availability rate and a fast delivery throughout whole Europe.

The customers can choose to order FOB directly from China, for which we can offer a lead time of 120 days. For fast deliveries the Belgian warehouse is the best option, for these EX-WORKS deliveries we can guarantee a lead time of 5 days or less.

The Westlake Total Service Package ensures a market advantage for our customers, which truly makes Westlake the only reliable alternative to OE.

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